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I have a text file that lives on the desktop of my computer. It’s called “read me if you’re having second thoughts.txt”. I put it there a while back to remind me of why I’m at college in case I ever found myself asking why. I can’t remember where I adopted it from, but I recall reading it and thinking that it fit like a glove.

God has given me a deep love for His church, even with all its flaws. It is the most powerful redemptive instrument he has used in my life, and I believe he wants to use it in this city and world. Both Edwina and I have a real passion to equip people to walk in relationship with Jesus with authenticity and increasing holiness and to make an impact for his Kingdom in the place of influence God has placed us.

I’m stoked that it’s as true today as it was the day I plagiarised it!

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September 6th, 2011 at 10:36 pm

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